Monday, April 18, 2011

Honors Thesis is DONE!!!!!

Hello All,

I thought I would just write mostly because I haven't written in a while, but also because I turned in my thesis last week and just defended it this afternoon. After working on it for forever and a day, I have been granted Honors by the anthropology department!


Sorry, thought I'd get that out of my system. So the thesis, the monster of a thesis is done. It was 97 pages in the end, 57 cited sources, hundreds of consulted sources, 7 tables, 23 figures, 5 maps, and a LOT of time and energy, but it's done.

And I must say, even I am impressed with myself. Now that I've done this, I'm pretty ok with the idea of getting my PhD. Granted, a dissertation is nothing like an undergraduate thesis, but it certainly seems doable now. Most thesis are 3-4 times this size, but I think if I really wanted, I could have turned this into a dissertation. It would have taken longer, but I think I could have done it.

So now I'm sitting here with my thesis done, the conference is over, and I really have about three assignments standing between me and the end of the semester. I must say, after writing a 100-page thesis, I'm not worried about those other assignments. This calls for a celebration. I'm not sure what kind of celebration, but it calls for a celebration. Maybe I'll take myself out to dinner, i don't know. Either way, the thesis is done, and I am incredibly proud of myself.