Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi, I'm Heather, and I support our President.

So, I know - I never posted about the ravioli - I'm terribly sorry. The recipe was super easy once the pasta was made - stuffing consisted of cheese, spinach (already cooked and chopped), and some garlic. Mix it all together, put little blobs on the pasta sheets, wet the area between each blob, then press the other pasta sheet on top and cut the ravioli out. Boil for roughly 5 minutes, add sauce, and you're golden! If any of you want the actual recipe, let me know and I'll stick it in a comment.

Between last week's cooking and right now, I also did something utterly amazing. I saw President Obama speak. In person. Like, I was in a room, he was in the same room (on a stage, maybe 50 feet away), and I listened as he kicked off his 2012 Presidential campaign. I have it all on my phone - recorded the whole thing. One of these days, I'll post it up here somehow. It was wonderful.

And I would write more about it, but it was so crazy that I was even there that I still haven't quite wrapped my head around it. I will say that I support our President. I certainly support him over the other current choices, and let's face it - I've spent most of my life NOT having faith in my president. Why would I deny it when I finally did support one?

Not that I don't take issue with some of the things he's done. I do. But no one is going to please me all the time. No one's going to please anyone all the time. How could they? Goodness, could you imagine the pressure? I can't even please everyone in my department all the time - forget about the entire country. So why should we expect him to please us all the time? He can't. Not if he's to represent the views of the American people. And personally, I think he's done a better job than past administrations and currently think he'll do a better job than others. And that makes him good enough for me. So yes, I'll say it - I support our President.

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